No 65. Use Google search to help you decide what to blog about

If you are not sure what to blog about then type one of your search terms into Google and see what starts to fill in. If this does not help then at the bottom of the first page you will see a list of related terms. It really does give you an idea of what people are searching for. For instance if you are blogging about saving money then type in saving money into the search box. Here are the related search terms for ‘saving money’.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 22.44.26


This may give you the idea to blog about saving money for a house for instance.

Blogger Interview: Magic Adams


Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am not a big fan of traditional bios, to be honest. The majority of my works is so personal and exposing that sometimes I find it hard to speak about myself without metaphors and riddles. The analog man in digital world who enjoys discovering people, emotions, places, thoughts. A bookworm, coffee junkie and minimalist fond of irony. Still not 30.

What is your blog web address?

Where did you get the idea from for your blog?

This is actually my second attempt at blogging. I suppose the primal need was to have a proof of artistic existence, something that could fill some gaps in my mind. My first blog was completely different to the current one, I simply wasn’t ready for it. It was a good training ground, though, I still keep pieces I’d written for that purpose (they are really bad, to be honest). With No kind of Magic it was different as I’ve already had some proper writing experience and – more importantly – a couple of poems that managed not to embarrass me after the mandatory drawer hibernation. The rest was up to hungry ego.

How do you keep motivated to write blog posts?

The most convenient thing about my blogging is the fact that I promised myself not to run out of poems or photos. In fact, poems I currently post were written about a year ago, in the meantime I’ve written enough to be present for another year or so. I know it may appear a bit OCD, but I try to publish an old poem only if I’ve written two new ones. This is the main reason why I don’t publish on regular basis, but I believe writing should never be forced, the right time will come. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. With photography it’s different as I allow myself to post something new anytime.

How many hours do you spend blogging a week?

I am not able to honestly answer that question, as blogging is not only writing after all. I definitely spend a lot of time online, reading poetry from almost every corner of Earth. Learning different points of view is a great humility training and it helps one keeping their eyes open, so I don’t really pay attention how much time it takes a week.

What do you consider to be the most frustrating aspects of blogging?

For me blogging is the escape from everyday, I’ve got plenty of reasons to be frustrated there, which is why I want my blog to be absolutely frustration-free zone. Of course, some of my poems are about negative feelings, but I use writing to cleanse my mind. And again, since there’s no fixed schedule for posting, I can focus on writing and waiting for the right moment to publih. Unless we’re talking about technical aspects, like html, customization etc. That makes me go berserk at times.

Where do you see your blog in six months?

I would love to see I’ve reached more people. To know that someone can relate to what I’ve written is probably the best reward a writer can get. Other than that, I don’t plan too far ahead.

What is the best advice you can give to someone just about to start a blog?

The very one I keep in mind every time I pick up my notebook:

‘…unless it comes out of

your soul like a rocket,

unless being still would

drive you to madness or

suicide or murder,

don’t do it.

unless the sun inside you is

burning your gut,

don’t do it…’

Charles Bukowski

Where has your blog taken you? Have you met any interesting people?

I was lucky enough to meet truly inspirational people who over time became my friends, even though we’ve never met in person. But we do send traditional letters or send text messages over the ocean. And these moments prove that it was all worth it.


No 64. Be inspired by the Cosmo Blog Awards 2014


There is nothing like a bit of inspiration for your blogging. The Cosmopolitan magazine every year holds a blog competition. Readers vote for their favorite blog these different categories.

Best Established Beauty Blog

Best New Beauty Blog

Best Established Fashion Blog

Best New Fashion Blog

Best International Fashion Blog with IFB

Best Lifestyle Blog

Best Travel Blog in association with Thomson

Best Wedding Blog

Best Food Blog

Best Sex & Relationships Blog

Best Interiors Blog sponsored by Next

Best Vlog in association with Remington

Best Social Media Blog

Best Careers Blog

Best Social Media Blog

Have a look at the shortlisted entries here. These are the best of the best so show you what you can do.


No 63. Hold a competition on your blog to give something away for free

Competitions are also a great way of letting readers promote your blog for you. Competition services such as Rafflecopter, for example, allow people to enter a competition by sharing your article on Twitter or Facebook. Entries can also be made by commenting on your blog or signing up to your email newsletter.

No 62. Sell something you have created on your blog with ‘selfy’

Selfy is an excellent website which allows you to sell a digital product on your blog. All you have to do us upload your product, upload an image and choose a price. You then paste the embed code where you want it on your blog and away you go. Your readers can click on the link then pay easily using PayPal. Once they have completed the payment you will get the money in your paypal account. Easy! Do any if my readers know of an alternative?

No 61. Add your blog to Nuffnang – The World’s Leading Blog Advertising Community

Nuffnang is an online community which is an excellent place to get seen if you are a blogger. Add your blog and your will be able to follow other blogs, attend events and connect with brands. Nuffnang are dedicated to building strong relationships between  bloggers in the Nuffnang community and brands seeking relevant publishers with strong followings to engage with. You can register with Nuffnang here.


Blogger Interview: Jessica Watkin

Please tell me a little bit about yourself.

My name is Jess and I am from Canada, I have lived here all my life and have just in the past four years spread my wings and travelled the world (or have just begun to). I graduated from University with an honours double major in English and Theatre Studies this past June and am spending the next year reflecting on my European and South American travel while developing my blog and various plays as I write and create pieces of theatre collaboratively. I am legally blind and so my views on fashion, travel, confidence and a variety of other things are slightly altered to reflect my own perspective and I love to share my positivity and creativity with others.

What is your blog web address?

Where did you get the idea from for your blog?

I have been writing different blogs since I began University four years ago. I wrote one-blog-a-day for two full years and have kept various other blogs that were well received since then. The idea for Cosy Notebook was to document my transitional experiences mostly with fashion, travel, cooking, and feminist outlooks. I just have a lot to say and a unique perspective to share.

How do you keep motivated to write blog posts?

Motivation is key when blogging and I do this a variety of ways. I have a notebook full of blog ideas that I add to occasionally for later dates such as recipes, fashion-finds, series and the like. I find myself writing posts in advance, but also telling myself that writing is what keeps me sane and creative, and so if I can write daily or semi-daily (5/7 days a week) then I will keep my words sharp and thoughts straight. So it seems as though motivation comes from the desire to continue to grow as a communicator of cultural phenomenon and developing my creativity further.

How many hours do you spend blogging a week?

I probably spend nearly four hours on strictly the writing of my blog a week including editing, photo-taking, and the actual sitting down and putting it in. I do have a few hours dedicated to brainstorming, networking, sharing on social media and actually doing the things I blog about. No one wants a fashion-blogger who never shops, a travel/adventure blogger who stays at home, or a recipe-blogger who never cooks. So that adds to my motivation as well to get off the laptop and into the world.

What do you consider to be the most frustrating aspects of blogging?

Honestly I hate the editing of it all. I am trained in both academic writing as well as creative writing and so I am a stickler for proper, formal speech, but in the same breath I love the naturalistic approach to blogging—which makes for an amalgamated approach to my posts.   I find it frustrating to go through and debate if I want to have formal speech, formal addressing of my audience, and proper speaking or written grammar. It all comes out a big muddled at times, and I guess that’s a reflection of my frustrations!

Where do you see your blog in six months?

Ideally I have at least fifty more followers (shooting high, clearly) and I am still contributing on a semi-daily basis if not more regularly, and I would love to have a more scheduled approach for example fashion on Fridays, projects on Mondays, and then I would be more motivated to write about those things on those days. But in all reality I just want it to continue to be well-received and vibrant.

What is the best advice you can give to someone just about to start a blog?

Write about what you like and write about what you know and never feel pressured to write about any one thing (unless you are starting a category-specific blog) and be proud of what you crate.

Where has your blog taken you? Have you met any interesting people?

Blogging has brought me confidence in my work and to a variety of interesting people’s blogs. I think what I have received most from my blogging experience is the need for networking but also how essential it is to read other people’s work. Read everything because it gives you an open mind and inspiration when approaching your own blog, or it did for me anyway.